Expense Reporting

The Expense module will be used for entry and approval of all expense reports. This process will enforce the university’s travel and expense policies. With the use of “Audit Rules” travelers and approvers will be notified of potential issues when completing and reviewing expense reports.

Concur’s Expense module provides users:

  • Daily interface with University Card provider, importing all expenses into Concur for processing and enhanced transparency
  • Travel & Expense policy enforcement – the system knows which receipts are required, when limits have been exceeded, etc.
  • Electronic Receipt Capture – Concur’s mobile application will allow travelers to simply take a picture of a receipt and upload it to their expense report
  • Automated Workflow – we’re eliminating the guessing game when it comes to who needs to approve an expense report – based on employee profile and report criteria


Below is an example of a streamlined expense report:

Screenshot of a Concur Expense Report


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