Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program Updates


The Company Billed Statements module within Concur is utilized for reconciliation and approvals of P-Card statements.

Currently, P-Card transactions come into KFS daily where the reconciler can reclassify the transaction and submit for FO approval immediately.

In the future, P-Card transactions will come into Concur on a Company Billed Statement Report for the P-Card holder daily.  The P-Card holder will be responsible for reconciling these transactions and reconciliation can be done on a daily basis.  However, submission of the statement for approval by the FO can only be done after the statement closes. The workflow in Concur will be:

  • P-Card holder reconciles statement in Concur and submits after statement closes.
  • The entire statement will route to the card holder’s direct supervisor for approval.
  • The statement will then route the statement to the appropriate FOs for approval of their account transactions.
  • Once fully approved the statement(s) will be sent to KFS to be applied to the GL.

Sample P Card Photo


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