Request Travel (Pre-Approval)

The Request Module in Concur will be used to obtain pre-approval for travel from both the traveler's direct supervisor and the Fiscal Officer on the account(s) they plan to charge.  The matrix below outlines when pre-approval will be required.  More importantly, travel pre-approvals will provide the link between the traveler and the new Duty Of Care system delivered by Concur.  You can learn more about the exciting options you will receive as part of the Duty of Care system here.

Trip Type Request Required
In-State (Without Segments*)1 Not Required 2
In-State (With Segments*) Required
Out-of-State (Without Segments*)1 Not Required 2
Out of State (With Segments*) Required


                                                                                                  * Segments include airfare, hotel, car rental, and/or rail (excludes commuter rail)
                                                                                                  1 Trip Type cannot be selected if Request includes any Segments (Air, Hotel, Car Rental, Rail)
                                                                                                  2 System will allow them to submit a Request for Duty of Care Purposes


In additional to pre-trip travel approval, the request module will be used to request the following:

  • Guest Travel Bookings: University employees will be able to request pre-approval for guest travel via Concur. Once approved, the employee will call Key Travel to book on behalf of the guest.
  • Bradley Parking Pass: automated notification to Travel team upon approved Travel Request
  • Cash Advances: rules and amount limitations will be configured into Concur to ensure amounts requested are in line with UConn’s travel policy


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