Travel Card (T-Card) Program

T-Card Sample Card Picture

In addition to the Concur system implementation, UConn will be administering a new Travel Card (T-Card) program.  This program will be managed similarly to the current p-card program.

Key Highlights of the T-Card Program include:

  • The travel cards will be billed to and paid by the University.  Card holders will be required to reconcile their transactions and apply them to the appropriate KFS account numbers.
  • T-Cards will be issued to University faculty and staff when approved by a dean, director, or department head.
  • A direct feed from the bank to Concur will allow travelers to see their T-Card transactions on a daily basis and easily apply them to expense reports.
  • P-Cards will remain in place and will also be integrated into Concur. Some faculty and staff may be responsible for two separate cards: one for purchasing and one for travel.


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